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All Ontarians 12+ are now eligible to receive their first dose, and second dose at the recommended interval.

Second dose information:

Please check the eligibility and hours of each site before booking or attending a vaccine clinic, as it is changing rapidly.

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Booking through the provincial system

All individuals 12+ are eligible to book their vaccine appointment through the provincial system


Note that you will need an OHIP number to book through the provincial system.

Booking through community clinics

You can book appointments with community clinics in Toronto and the GTA here:

This website shows you appointment availability at community clinics, and sends you directly to the booking page.

Different clinics have different eligibility, so ensure that you double check on the clinic's booking site.

You generally do not need an OHIP number to book an appointment through these sites (leave the field blank).

Booking through pharmacies

You can book at nearby pharmacies here:


Different pharmacies are offering different vaccines (e.g. AstraZeneca vs. Pfizer/Moderna), and have different eligibility, so ensure that you double check on the pharmacy's booking site. You do not need OHIP to book at pharmacies.

Please note that you must be:

  • 12 or older on the day of your appointment to get the Pfizer vaccine

  • 18 or older on the day of your appointment to get the Moderna vaccine

Attending mobile/pop-up clinics

If you would like to attend a mobile/pop-up clinic, see the Pop-up Clinic Maps on this website, or this community-run excel document.


Many of these clinics have special eligibility criteria, including postal code, age, and even language. Most pop-up/mobile clinics do not require an appointment and are on a first-come, first serve basis as vaccine supplies last. Pop-up/mobile clinics are delivering either Pfizer or Moderna vaccines.

Note that most pop-up sites require some form of ID (health card, driver's license, passport, refugee ID, photo ID), and proof of address/employment/school (utilities bill, employment letter, pay stub, letter from government agency, bank statement, lease agreement, student ID). You do not need to have an OHIP number. The vaccine is free.


If you don't have OHIP, you can attend mobile/pop-up clinics, pharmacies, or community clinics. If you need support booking without OHIP, or you'd like to book through the provincial system with a replacement OHIP number, contact:


FCJ Refugee Center

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